May, 2018


Life Between Lives® Hypnotherapy turns 50!

Life Between Lives Hypnotherapy came to light in 1968.

A young psychologist in Los Angeles was working with a female client who had been plagued by depression for some time. There is a technique in Hypnotherapy, called “Affect Bridge” that triggers a client back to the source of their condition. When this was offered by a young Michael Newton, at that time in his 30’s, his client found herself in the Spiritual Realm surrounded by her soul group. This heartfelt, tear-filled reunion broke the hold of her depression and commenced the incredible life’s work of Dr. Michael Newton. Over the following 35 years and 7000 cases, he explored and mapped the afterlife like it had never been done before, then taught his techniques to others.
Its been an incredible 50 years since that first journey in 1968. Michael’s first case that emerged that day has now been joined by 40,000 others. This edition of Stories of the Afterlife celebrates the evolution of LBL work that has now spread to over 40 countries and is offered in over 20 languages. In this issue we wanted to reflect on this evolution through our articles and cases.

In the 5 cases from our global network of LBL Therapists, Lisbeth (Denmark) shares a story about the library and its books of light. Deborah (U.K.) tells us about the higher purpose of an LBL session and the chance to blend healing practices. Iwona (Poland) shares a simple story that offers insights into ancient traditions and Kok Siang (Malaysia) tells us about the Karmic Station. Our case from the USA includes information about the connection to our greater selves from Bryn. All these cases offer new emerging themes from Michael’s original work.

Our regular features also offer new thoughts. Savarna asked 6 of our experienced practitioners how their practices have evolved since they started, Dorothea covers the complexity of life selection and Ann Clark shares some of Marcus Sorensen’s cutting-edge research into brain waves patterns during the LBL experience. Asya encourages us to hold a perspective of the greater awareness we can all access when we need to.

We see clear evidence that the world is speeding up towards a shift in consciousness. We see it all the time through our member’s practices, our trainings and our conversations with each other.

I know in my heart that humanity is getting closer to breaking the hold of old belief systems that hold us back from our magnificence. We are incredible beings here for a short time and for us to live our lives in this remembered state of being, will one day truly shift the world.

We hope you enjoy this edition of Stories of the Afterlife, and for anyone, anywhere, who has ever offered, received or even heard about Life Between Lives Hypnotherapy, we say thank you… and happy 50th birthday.

Love and light to all

Peter Smith

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