May 2019: From the Dr’s Desk

Renewal of Soul Identity Through an Additional LBL

By Dorothea Fuckert, MD, Certified LBL Hypnotherapist


Occasionally people may express the desire for renewal of their language or driving skills, or even for renewal of a friendship. When patients in medical practice suffer from prolonged symptoms of chronic fatigue, exhaustion, burn-out, demoralization, depression, or when they are diagnosed with a severe disease, doctors often recommend a biophysical renewal to restore their vital energies and spirits in addition to the medical treatment, such as time-outs, new refreshing activities, walks in nature, breathing mountain air, a job or environmental change, and treatments at a spa or in a rehabilitation clinic. Healers and shamans have their own special methods for revivification. 

All cultures from the beginning of human history up to today have used rituals for renewal. These were intuitively discovered, experientially tested and traditionally passed on, aimed toward the needs of the people, in tune with the cycles of human beings, nature and the cosmos. Some of these helped, some did not; some were harmful or even fatal in spite of good intentions.

The LBL experience is a well-probed, highly beneficial treatment or “ritual”. It is the spiritual renewal of our human form; our super-conscious answers to the questions of “Who am I?,” “Where do I come from?,” “Why am I here?,” “Where do I go?” and “To whom do I belong?” Having another LBL session years after the first one is a great chance for an even more profound renewal. It may not be perceived as spectacular as the first LBL experience, yet it’s more likely to reveal new aspects, expand one’s perspectives, deepen one’s awareness, lighten residual shadows, heal more deeply and completely, strengthen the connectedness with one’s soul-self, guides and Spirit, and reactivate motivation and spiritual growth.

I have been a TNI member since 2007. As my last and third LBL had been seven years ago, I was delighted when Rita Borenstein offered me a further session in exchange for hers with me. I knew her from our e-group and email contact, and had met her personally at the TNI World Conference 2017, in Maryland, US. How much I appreciate Rita’s fine human and professional qualities can be read in my foreword to her book To Soul Home and Back: About Life Between Lives Hypnotherapy for Spiritual Regression (English edition), 2018.

With this recent LBL I experienced the renewal of several aspects of my being. I reconnected with my guides and with the higher realm again, even more intensely. I saw and sensed two of my helpers closely, felt their vibrations of unconditional love, wisdom and humor. I received answers to my current questions and two significant facets of my life purpose were clarified. Most impressive to me was how I expanded into my Soul-Self a few minutes after trance induction. I saw and sensed myself as a shining light being in two colors and several meters diameter, thus displaying my individual radiance and consciousness. I knew my soul-identity before, yet with this further LBL I was immediately in contact, and this connection remained throughout the session. Afterwards, I felt the love for my family and for life on Earth was deepened. Having mentioned the “driving skills” at the beginning, I realize that I also received a renewal of my internal  “GPS-system,” including reinforced intuitive receptivity and spiritual guidance; and through this, a strengthening of self-care and self-love.

The interchange of LBL sessions between colleagues provides bonuses: a renewal of personal and physical connectedness with a kindred spirit in the TNI family, and a renewal of the willingness to learn, in this case, from the different style of a colleague. Therefore, it’s a practical remedy against the tunnel vision caused by repetitive tasks in daily practice, and on a deeper level, a remedy against having one’s work experience become self-referential. Perceiving how Rita facilitated my LBL, and sharing experiences before and after our mutual sessions together, has meant inspiration for my LBL work. The empathic contact on a soul level brought about new energy, joy and a dear friendship. Thank you, Rita! ♦


Dorothea Fuckert, LBL Hypnotherapist

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