May 2019: Where in the World is my LBL Hypnotherapist?

Where in the World is my LBL Hypnotherapist?

An Interview with Rita Borenstein, Certified LBL Hypnotherapist

Uppsala, Sweden
Interviewed by Savarna Wiley

Since 1979 when Rita Borenstein became a nurse in Vaasa, Finland, she has helped people heal from within. For many years she was running the holistic Center for Wellbeing in Stockholm. She is a registered nurse, TCM Acupuncture Practitioner, Osteopath D.O., specialized in Biodynamic Cranial Osteopathy and hypnotherapist. Since 2012 she is the first hypnotherapist in Sweden trained by The Newton Institute in Life between Lives (LBL) hypnotherapy for spiritual regression. In 2018 she published her first book: To Soul Home and Back – About Life between Lives Hypnotherapy for Spiritual Regression. She is now working on her second book about her work with LBL in Sweden.

I’ve heard fascinating stories about how LBL practitioners have come to do this work. What prompted you to begin offering LBL?

In 2012 everything in my life felt bleak and I had lost my igniting spark. I had read the books ”Journey of Souls” and ”Destiny of Souls” by Dr. Michael Newton already many years before. Now, in my search for meaning I found his books again. One thing lead to the other and I felt an urge to have a Life Between Lives session to nourish my soul. I called The Newton Institute to check if there was an LBL facilitator in Sweden. My telephone call to TNI resulted in me traveling to England a month later to become an LBL facilitator myself. During the training I had my own first LBL, which changed my life forever. It seemed to be exactly what my soul wanted. Since then I have been offering LBL in Sweden. I love it!

What in your background prepared you to do this work?

My background as a registered nurse, TCM Acupuncturist, Osteopath D.O., Hypnotherapist and running the ”Center för Välbefinnande”(Center for Wellbeing) in central Stockholm.

My goodness, you have been dedicated to healing!

Yes, all my life has been about healing in different ways. This seems to be who I am. The latest development is that in 2018 I published my first book about LBL called “To Soul Home and Back.” Now I imagine myself as an ambassador for LBL here in Sweden, and since then, also perceive myself as a spiritual teacher.

Please tell me more about your book.

In 2015 I had only two years of experience as an LBL facilitator, but the sessions I witnessed completely blew me away. It so happened that I had a client who is a successful surgeon here in Stockholm. He was then 43-years-old and had no experience with hypnosis whatsoever. During a years´s time he came for three LBL spiritual regressions with me. They were five hours each and the information he received was so interesting that I felt I MUST tell this to the world.

All my life I have loved to read and write, but to write a book was not on my map. Slowly the book project “To Soul Home and Back – About Life Between Lives Hypnotherapy for Spiritual Regression” started to have a life of its own. I had help coming in from many “purpose friends”. That is what I call those souls that are in line with my own life purpose. Dorothea Fuckert and Pete Smith supported my book project especially in times went I lost belief in it. They also wrote amazing forewords for the book. In Spring 2018 very strong synchronicity was bringing the book to completion and I self-published in September 2018. I decided to write my book in English as Swedish is not the most common language on earth.

I have chosen to self-publish and also sell and pack all my books myself as I enjoy very much to know the names of my readers. So far I have received personal and moving feedback from readers.

Wonderful, Rita! There are stories and teachings that come through LBL sessions that are of such benefit to people in these times. What is one of the favorite things you enjoy about facilitating LBL journeys?

What I enjoy the most is that all my talents and everything I am seems to come together when I meet clients in session. Since 2013 when I certified within The Newton Institute my practice has been in my home. I invite the clients into my peaceful rural setting about an hour drive from Stockholm. Every session has its own charm and learning.

In LBL, we can learn so much about such things as our soul nature, the activities of the spirit world, our personal lessons and contracts with others as well as a wider perspective about humanity’s evolution etc. What teachings have you received that have been especially impactful?

Yes, through the years and hundreds of LBL sessions, I have had great pleasure in seeing the beauty of the human soul. One of my favorite quotes is by the author Jane Roberts in her book “Eternal Validity of the Soul”: “When one has been born and died many times, expecting extinction with each death, and when this experience is followed by the realization that existence still continues, then a sense of divine comedy enters in.”

There is also much fun, humor and play in these sessions. People often come to my house all nervous and worried not to be good enough. After a kind of love bath which the LBL often is, they come in touch with their soul and often look much younger and carefree when they leave.

Also, a lot of clients bring many questions to their session for me to ask them while in trance. When they are deeply in touch with their soul in trance they often find the questions of their present incarnation and hosting body quite superficial. Many times they realize things about themselves as they meet with their own soul self and especially when they connect with their personal guide who guides them in the session. An LBL often changes the client´s sense of being alone and abandoned by life. Now they meet their personal guide and soul family, and that helps them understand what Michael Jackson sings, “You are not alone. I am here with you!”

When working with others, do you see a trend in what is being offered to people these days? Anything particularly surprising?

Well, I am a nurse since 1979 as well. Last summer I had an extra job as a nurse taking calls for the “National Swedish Medical Advice 24-7” telephone number. What I heard then was of course many medical problems, but also a sign of “starvation of the soul”. It has a name here in Swedish which is difficult to translate, but basically it means that so many do not feel good, but the problem is what they call psycho-somatic unwellness. A huge number of the calls I received was from young people having anxiety and panic attacks. At least here in Sweden we have everything in the material world, but “to come out” as a soul is still in many ways taboo. For those who come for LBL spiritual regressions with me I believe the search for meaning is the most common cause; it is a personal quest. To me one of the most surprising things is how all the clients who come to see me for sessions have found me. I believe there is a higher guidance at work.

Yes, I too have found it interesting how spirit guides people to LBL and to the specific LBL practitioners. A Divine choreography.

Our theme for this issue of the journal is renewal. Certainly, LBL can be a catalyst for change and insight but what about renewal? What have you noticed for others or for yourself?

In so many sessions I have seen renewal taking place and it can literally be felt during a session. There are moments when the client realizes something deeply mind-blowing which changes their belief system and sense of identity. They seem to remember certain things all of a sudden!

It always brings tears to my eyes when I witness this. It does not happen in every LBL, but when it happens the client seems to be reborn and looks different when they come out of hypnosis. I had this renewal myself in all my own four LBL sessions. In this issue Dorothea and I will share our experience of renewal from exchanging LBL sessions during Easter 2019.

What do you think are important characteristics for someone to be a LBL facilitator?

I think it needs to be done wholeheartedly, but also with professional skill and emotional maturity. As an LBL facilitator I need to know why I am doing this work to avoid projecting my personal needs and shadows on my clients.

Yes, I recently had a dream about teaching LBL. The message the dream offered was that a facilitator needs a combination of competence and character to do this work. I think Michael Newton set a tone for TNI by exploring this LBL world in the way he did. As a result, it seems that service, humility and a dedication to uplifting humanity is a foundation for TNI and for our work.

Speaking of service, I know that you volunteer your time for TNI as our Mentor Coordinator. Please share about this program.

For a few years now I have volunteered as the Certification Mentor Coordinator for TNI. After people progress through the LBL facilitator training they begin a time of doing their practice cases. Having a mentor is a requirement. I find it very unique that we offer every student an experienced LBL mentor during their nine months of certification. When I went through my own certification process in 2012 I was impressed how I, as a student, was offered this wonderful mentoring free of charge. It was a very positive thing! As coordinator, I work with a team of skilled LBL mentors, and with every training I organize the pairing up with mentor and mentee. Each mentor sends me information regularly so that I know how all students are doing. If there are problems I assist the best I can.

Within TNI Education we have three teams: The teachers, the certification mentors and the reviewers. We continue to meet via Zoom to support one another and to refine the process. Our TNI Director of Education, Paul Aurand, has initiated the meetings which are both fun and inspiring.

What do you look for in a mentor? What qualities are important to fulfill this role?

All the mentors I have known so far are devoted LBL practitioners and deeply supportive of The Newton Institute philosophy. We are now a team of 15 mentors. We prefer mentors who have a least two years of experience with LBL clients so that they have experience to share. Before becoming the Certification Mentor Coordinator I was a mentor for a few years. I found it deeply rewarding to communicate with my mentees as we both learned from each other. Many of the mentors are LBL “reviewer material” so after a few years as mentors many of them are picked up by our Certification Officer, Celia Tinetti, and then train with her team to qualify as a case reviewer. I ask all the mentors to communicate and to be willing to set aside time for the task. We use a Certification Mentor guide book which helps us all. We learn from each other along the way. It is quite an interesting and rewarding volunteer job!

Wonderful. I think that is another thing that sets TNI trainings apart from other programs. We have small classes, individual attention and there is great care in helping students really find their way.

Finally, as there is so much change happening in our world, is there anything you would like to share that feels timely and of benefit for humanity right now?

Yes! I think it is very nice to find “purpose friends” and “purpose partners”. Dolphins and other animals have their playmates and swim, run or fly together. I meet people who tell me that they feel lonely on this planet. Well, finding one´s life purpose like we do in LBL often attracts like-minded souls. An LBL can recharge the batteries on so many levels!

Thank you Rita! Your enthusiasm and dedication are beautiful. ♦


Rita Borenstein, LBL Hypnotherapist

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