Staying Centered to Nurture Others

Staying Centered to Nurture Others

by Tahmineh Nikookar

British Columbia, Canada

Helen is 54 years old, a single mother and seems like a very wise person. When she contacted me, she explained that her main purpose to do an LBL would be to gain clarity about her current life, to better enjoy life and be more relaxed. She told me she believes in past lives. Her LBL session went very smoothly and she seemed to be stepping onto a familiar road.

She regressed easily to age 12 and then age 7 in her current life, which allows for the necessary mental stretching exercises prior to accessing a past life. At age 7, she recalled her memory about the time that she was shooting with her dad at a gravel pit. It was fun and she loved it.

She regressed easily to her mother’s womb where she was quite comfortable, but she knew it would soon be the time just before her birth, the time to be born. She could feel her mother’s emotions from time to time, but she couldn’t influence her emotions. She expressed pleasure about the body that she is going to be born with, as it would be a good match with her soul’s consciousness. The mind works well, is very intuitive and also logical. She said, “I need my body and brain to work well together, I can’t have any handicaps or hindrances”.

She went easily to her most immediate past life, and then to the last day of that life. She is female and 86 years old, in her bedroom, lying comfortably in her bed. She had enough time to think of what life lessons she had learned, which is: How to be happy.

Client (C): I had a good life, a good time and enjoyed what I did. When I cross over I feel peaceful and a bit sad because I had a pleasant life, but I don’t want to stay longer and I’m fine to go. I will hold on to that nice feeling and move away further to come home.

Therapist (T): What do you see next?

C: Everything is bright. It is a beautiful day. Above me I can see a large globe of light. I’m connecting with the larger light. We are moving towards each other.  Other lights are waiting and I will meet them later. It is a white light, and it envelops me with loving energy.

T: Is this a guide energy or a loved one?

C: It’s my guide, a female energy with beautiful blue eyes. We don’t need names, we just know each other. I am told I did a really good job in my last life. Now I’m being taken to another place by my guide. I can see buildings and beings coming and going. We are walking through a street and then up a hill, to a big open area, and busy place with pillars.  It seems like I’m going to get an assignment, of what I need to do next.

T: So you are being shown your next life quite soon after arriving?

C: Yes, my last life was very pleasant and the next one isn’t, and now it is time to go and do some serious work to prepare for my next life.

T: Tell me more.

C: It’s simple. Like getting a job and I agree to do it. I find out by connecting telepathically with my guide to find out everything about the nature of this job. I know that, in my next life I must be strong and help all these people work through things. I will be a kind of catalyst, helping others work through all of their problems. This particular group of people is coming to earth in my life. My job is to be the centre of the wheel, a strong anchor for them; help them to be connected and do their work.

T: Quite a responsibility.

C: Yes and a lot of work. I wish it wasn’t quite as much work. This next life isn’t as comfortable as my last one. Now I’m to go and meet with my soul group.

She quickly connects with her soul group, who number about 15 to 20.  They are bunched up standing in a circle, and she is in the middle of the circle.  She feels supported and peaceful. She is in the centre of a clock-face, and her soul friends are positioned singly at 3:00, 6:00, 9:00 and 12:00, and the rest are anywhere in between. She recognizes 3 female friends from her current life but only one of her children.

C: I am a lavender color. This group that I belong to are deeply concerned with nourishing things to grow and develop. We are all advancing at the same rate. I have a connection with my partner in this life who is in another group, and their main characteristic is action. Together, we can experience different things. Our job is to go to other soul groups to help them progress. I get the impression our group is very old.  Sometimes we like to experience what other groups do, so we go there to participate but this is not our main purpose.

At this moment, she said she wanted to go to a special place – a garden, and her specific reason is to gather something to take with her. As her next life is set to be lonely, she needs to take something from the garden and keep it with herself. She goes with her guide.

C: I am here to get energy, it is yellow. I also need to take something from the garden which is more tangible than the yellow energy. It is a rock. It is beautiful, something from the air, and fits in the palm of my hand. It has that energy that straightens up everything. I need to hold it in my hand, then put it in my heart and it will always be there. Physically I can’t take it with me, but I can if it is in my heart.

After this, she wanted going to the library.

C: There are beings here, they know who you are and will bring you your book. It is a big and heavy book, the cover is leather and a special flower is on the cover. There are lots of pages. You open it up and it has pages and pages in old writing. Some writing is black, dark, and damaged and other pages have beautiful drawings. Towards the back there are clean pages but not that many. I can put my hand on the book and get energy. The energy flows out of the book, but I know everything that I need to know, and I don’t need to read it because it is a part of me.

T: What are you learning or experiencing that relates to your current life?  

C: I need to use the energy stored up in my soul, to nurture me. There are people in my group, whom I get energy from in this life, and they are people that I come in contact with. There is a young member in the group, who is the youngest, and she is one of my children.

Next, she wanted to go and visit the Council with her guide.  She called them “Wise Beings”.

C: It is a kind of library; you go out to a country side with mist. It is a small open place, not like the Acropolis though, it has pillars, and they are sitting around a stone table.  Nine “Wise Beings” are waiting for me. I’m standing in front and my guide is with me.

T: Describe them to me.

C: I count nine. I sense they are on the same level as me.  They show me males and females. It looks like they are dressed in work clothes, and wearing something long and glowing. They have an order but no Chairperson. I get the impression they all have different jobs, different roles. Their number changes after each life time. The Council is a place to give jobs to be done, and they just check to make sure if I have everything needed for it.  I know I’m not being judged, I can say no to a job, but I also know there is important work to be done. I am permitted to ask them questions about my current life.

T: Go ahead and ask your questions.

C: I ask if there any message that will help me in my current life? (Pause) I have everything I need and shouldn’t spend so much time worrying about it.  It is a big job but I can do it. I am one of their trusted people. Next, I ask them about what is my purpose in this life? (Pause) Just helping all these other beings to develop and to know that I am doing well and I have a lot to learn and I must not let all of their issues bother me.  My job is so much to learn and not to worry.

T: And why does your current life have so much in it?

C: I am an experienced soul and my job is to help all these other souls right from the time I get here and for my whole time here. They can get stability from me, I don’t have to do anything, I’m just there for them.  My challenge is remembering who I am.

T: Like the center of the wheel you described earlier?

C: Yes, like that.

The session was drawing to a close. Before she left, she wanted to go back to her group to pick up some energy. After she picked up some energy there, she was done, and was ready to leave the spiritual world.

In the discussion after the session, I was interested to understand exactly what she had learned and what guidance really resonated with her.

C: Knowing my purpose in life is helpful, otherwise I would spend my time trying to interact with these situations and thinking that I caused them. That’s what my human personality is like. Now I will not spend my energy and time on something that doesn’t feel like it is from the heart. I was always asking why things happened and believing that I was responsible for the situation in my family life. I now get a sense that all of my life struggles are connected with this job I’m doing. And I must take time each day to remember who I am and where I come from.

A few weeks after the session I telephoned Helen to see how she was doing. I was pleased to hear her tell me how much she had gained from the LBL session. It helped her to find the answers to many of her difficult life situations, whereas before, she would stress about how to fix things, worry about who was at fault and get worn down with all the feelings that went with thinking like that. The higher perspective of knowing she is doing an important job has allowed her to relax and reduce her stress. “I feel better as things don’t stick to me and float off more.”♦

Tahmineh Nikookar, LBL Hypnotherapist

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