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The Art of Real Communication

By Asya Sorovnik 

Certified Life Between Lives® Facilitator, Slovenia


''All drama happens due to the lack of communication'', stated professor Trainor as he looked at us. I was second year at the University, and we had just finished analyzing the ancient Greek drama Antigone. His statement made perfect sense to me. Satisfied to see that he had our full attention, he continued, ''All drama, if you analyze it closely, happens because of lack of communication and can be prevented if we communicate.” With that statement he concluded the day's lesson.

His words stayed with me. It has been more than 18 years, and I still hear him clearly, ''All drama is the result of lack of communication, and it could be prevented if we communicated.''

What has changed over the years, however, is my perception of communication. For I have come to learn that communication, real communication, is so much more than just talking or exchanging opinions or information. Social media is a fact of the 21st century. It has turned the art of communication upside-down. Words and how they are being communicated have come to carry an entire new meaning. We all agree that communication is much more than just verbal communication. And yet social media is often reduced to a word only. Often it is left to the reader’s own perception and to the conscious state of the individual perceiving it at the other end of the medium. Rightly, for this reason we need to reconsider the art of real communication.

So, what is real communication?

In our forum, the online forums, the personal forums, the forums we have at home, or with our clients, we are so often invited to say something. Someone asks a question or makes a statement, and something in us stirs, and we want to respond. We want to share our truth. We really want to add in, and share.

So where in all this is real communication that can prevent all drama?

Perhaps your inner voice, the one so close to your Soul, can sincerely answer that question.

And to make the story complete, I'd love to share a bit that was handed over to me. Recently, I have had a few amazing events followed by insights that flow from those higher states of consciousness we all so love to experience. And I've seen it work miracles.

I've discovered that when we communicate for real we are in higher state of consciousness. We feel love and compassion for the other person no matter what, for we see behind the veil of illusion (of their anger, fear or attacks). We gently guide the conversation into the domain of mutual understanding. By giving them our full attention while listening to them we are opening to their inner being. We are really concerned with their ''truth'' and make them feel heard and cared for.

In turn, you will notice, I guarantee you, the person will make a visible shift. As they feel our true Presence, their Light will shine through, their voice will soften, their heart will open…

We both will end up feeling that wonderful thing called Love.

We need not wait to (re) enter the world of Souls to experience that unconditional Love again. We can practice being awakened Souls, right here, right now.
Maybe that beingness, that awareness, that peace, Love and joy, maybe that is what we could call real communication?

And who knows, perhaps we on earth, too, as when in the Spirit world, on that level of real communication, are really communicating energetically, telepathically?

We are energy above all, and even when in public forums, like Facebook or any other place, our energy matters. Let us be the Light, and let us communicate freely so that those who join us may remember their Light, too! ♥

Asya Sirovnik