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The Unsuspecting Visitor

By Marilyn Hargreaves 

Certified Life Between Lives® Facilitator, Canada


Eve, a bright young architect and project manager in her mid-thirties, came for a Life Between Lives (LBL) session after reading Dr. Newton’s books. She was at a point in her life where her work was draining her life force with the pressures, deadlines, and difficult personalities. She felt no purpose anymore in “juggling all the typical balls of achievement”, especially achievement without a connection to a higher purpose.

She stated her purpose for seeking an LBL was “to connect with my Higher Self in this regular consciousness of life,” and “to get clarity or at least help with what I am supposed to be doing ‘Down Here’.” As a young girl, Eve always felt a little different than other children, though enjoyed spending time both alone and in nature. I asked her about the books and movies she was drawn to read, and she indicated that she liked books that “make you think outside the box,”. She went on to describe a number of books related to metaphysics and quantum theory, as well as fantasy, magic and science fiction books for non-fiction reading. From Eve’s intake information and discussion, and as you will see along the way, clues to Eve’s possible heritage from another place in the Cosmos begin to unfold.

Eve’s preparatory past life regression (PLR) revealed a life as a male in medieval times, rich in detail of the colors, smells, and bustling noises of a country market. She was able to observe the showmanship of the knights practicing with lances and swords, with the King and Queen present. As we progressed to a later time in that life, a very tearful Eve revealed that she was on the battlefield with the two kings prior to the commencement of the fighting. When I asked why she was so tearful she said, “I wish I could have been more impactful.” She was sure that she could have mediated to avert the battle and the tremendous loss of life that would follow. Finally, as we moved to the point of her death in that life, the prominent thought was about the futility of humans fighting each other.

When Eve returned for her LBL, she was excited to learn more about her Soul’s character and purpose. She had pursued several PLRs with a friend who was studying for certification in counselling hypnotherapy, discovering primarily male lives, in several of which she chose to be alone or separate, not fully integrating into the community. Eve was easily induced into a level of trance that again facilitated a rich exploration of a life, but unlike her previous experiences, this life overlapped with her current life. While a little uncertain at first, she quickly accepted the concept of souls experiencing parallel lives.
Arriving in the past life, she found herself as a man (Michael) in a hospital room with empty beds, dressed in hospital scrubs, feeling anxious. He is looking at a calendar on the wall with stickers like kids like to use, and there are “X’s” on the calendar. He remembers that the girl that was in this bed came out of hospital, fully recovered. She had been counting the days. Michael realized that he was interning as a pediatric surgeon in a hospital for sick children.
Michael then becomes aware that “something bad” occurred in the surgery room nearby, and can feel all the pain and angst of the place. He likes helping children, but it is sometimes too hard emotionally. He has to get out of this place and leaves the hospital to sit outside in the sunshine. He is aware of a woman watching him, a friend that feels like one of Eve’s friends in her current life. The woman approaches, sitting next to him as he works through his feelings about the surgery that didn’t go well. She is compassionate and empathetic. Michael recognizes that it is so hard to see children suffering and says, “This is not what they deserve. They are really just sheer vibrancy.”

Moving ahead in that life to about the age of his late 20’s or early 30”s, Michael finds himself at the foot of his bed, waking from an unconscious state. There is pain in his groin and upper thighs. He suspects there is a blood clot, but can’t remember what happened. To investigate further, we go back to just before the incident that brought Michael to this condition. We find that he was sitting on a couch watching TV in his basement suite, when an angry and violent man barges through the door and attacks him. The incident has something to do with a truck. We go back to just after the incident to reflect on what happened, where Michael comes to the realization that he needs to heal both physically and emotionally. He doesn’t hold anything against the perpetrator, saying “he has his own problems,” but dealing with it by fighting is “at the edge of acceptability”.

As we advance in this lifetime, we find Michael walking along a brick path in a city park. He is in his 50’s, but still feels 25. He is capable and experienced, now working to help others, as a psychologist. He helps people who have “blocks” stemming from anger, blame, and rage, by attempting to himself feel their feelings. This way he can understand their emotional state more clearly.

Michael reflects on how much he loves the forest and likes to come to the park, where there are no intruders or extraneous energy, and just walk slowly. He walks to the main part of the park where there are children playing and swinging. Michael remembers his own children, now 18 and 20, when they were young. Michael says that being a father provided him “the opportunity to create and mold other humans”.

Finally, we go to the end of Michael’s life as the psychologist where he finds himself in a villa in the Mediterranean, overlooking the ocean. He is there with his wife and is 78 years old. He has no apparent aliments, and is just enjoying his retirement. He stands with a cane, gray-haired and tall, but more muscular than in earlier life scenes. With some further exploration around the setting, we realize that he is leading an overlapping life with the current life as Eve.
As Michael retires to bed for the evening, and with no obvious physical event, he finds himself being lifted from his body, “pulled up”. Looking down he feel sadness for his wife because she (the wife) will be alone. Eve’s current consciousness feels a degree of confusion about what is happening. In only a short time, Michael has left the earth plane and is being “rolled” by “many hands.” He recognizes that he has died, becoming emotional and indicating that it is “sometimes hard to be separated from a body”. Michael is crossing over to the afterlife.

The “rolling” goes on for quite a while, and Eve moves further into her soul-self. She describes that it is like her energy is being brought together, rolled up like a three-dimensional ellipse. She becomes aware of her own light, which is blue and happy, as well as the sense of a “skeleton” of herself on the other side (the physical earth realm). She recognizes that all this rolling is being done by her group. They are so loving and exuberant.
Next, she is standing in a semi-circle amongst her group, some she recognizes from her current life, and some she doesn’t. I ask her what her group does, and she answers that they “learn stuff about the Universe”. I ask her if there are any other beings or energies that are present and she answers that separate from her group, there are three “bigger non-bodied things” that are purple.

The Purple Beings escort Eve’s soul along a yellow brick path that they have created for her. They explain they create it because Eve’s current consciousness is comfortable with the concept of going from one place to another, and that she likes paths. Eve’s soul is excited at first, but becomes emotional as she realizes that there are three compressed, emotional, energetic “human stones” in her. The purple beings lead her to an alcove in the space behind a waterfall located in a mountain. The Beings begin removing the stones, which takes quite a long time.

As we investigate more, Eve’s soul becomes aware that the Beings are doing research on the stones. They are newish, uncommon things to return with and the stones prevent flow. The research is aimed at understanding Earth’s emotional energy, and she is part of the fieldwork, going to earth to retrieve this data. “Very intense work”, she explains. She elaborates that not everyone in her group takes part in the stones research, but they all have roles. She indicates that part of collecting the stones is to help balance these energies on earth, that somehow it’s connected to the blue light in her, but doesn’t explain further. Through this blue energy, she is able to work with people, really sensitive people, those that have an “upgrade” in place and are ready to be more sensitive.
She explains that the emotions, particularly the painful ones, are taken in and compressed, “like sand is compressed into sandstone, or carbon eventually compressed into diamonds”. She adds that that if people take in the more negative emotions and hold onto them, they “create things, kind of like kidney stones, or fatty tissues… it’s not ideal.” To hold on to the emotions, the body and spirit have to do something with them to protect the energy body from the effects of them. If not, the energy will free-flow around the body, or grow and explode outwards. She shares that it’s better to corral the energy into stones. For humans, the compression is synonymous with resistance, refusal, or forceful holding on. For her, as a research being, she is somehow collecting these same stones by completely opening herself up to feeling her clients’ anger, rage, depression, despair, or sadness. She thinks she is doing it on purpose, focusing on compressing the energies. She ponders if this is what happens when a person is really sensitive, but more unconscious over the course of a lifetime? She realizes she is doing this to assist empaths on earth.

Once the beings are finished removing the stones, Eve’s soul stands under the waterfall, which provides an effect, something like an energetic cast or brace that is liquid in form. She steps out from under the waterfall and dives into the water, swimming “like a dolphin, like a vibration or wavelength, like a flag in the wind, buoyant.” She now feels calm, like being in the blue room from her childhood, no other energies. The three beings come out from under the waterfall. They have shed their purple and are now skinny yellow people, very strange and funny looking, rubbery, tall and cartoonish. She is almost shocked at their appearance, though she senses the purpose is to get her to laugh at herself, especially after the stones are removed. She says they are purposefully playing with her, realizing they are friends – (see note 1 at the bottom), goofing around. They are very playful and acrobatic. I ask if it is time to go meet with her guide or council and the beings escort her further along the path.

Eve’s soul arrives at a large establishment, a big building with a courtyard in the front. There are banners and flags waving, and a parade in her honour. She becomes very emotional and wonders why she deserves this. She is not too sure, so I suggest that she just receive what is being offered in honour of her work. She says, “Doesn’t everyone deserve such appreciation?” She seems to settle a little into acceptance.

She enters through a big door into a building and realizes that it’s a school containing dorms, meditations areas, healing areas, and places for other activities. Eve’s soul crosses the “mess hall” – a glass covered conservatory, filled with sunlight. I ask about the purpose of this place and she answers, “Like life on Earth – all is our Creation”. She explains that they (her group) like some of the things created for earth, so they create them in the afterlife as well. It is comforting for those newly arrived back from earth.

At the rear of the mess hall, she enters a small room where there is another being waiting for her (not her guide, more a “Preparer” for her council meeting). He asks how she thought Michael did in that last life. She answers “Strong and straight. A balance for the stones, while helping people”. She adds that he was “sensitive to others’ emotional responses, but that working with children’s innocence was too much because they absorb everything.” There is a desk in front of her with a pool of cold water. She draws her hands through the water, which is restorative. I suggest that she inquire about the manner of her death in that last life, i.e. no big physical event, but just drawn out of her body. She answers that, “If Michael had more connections with his wife, it would have made more sense to stay and be with her, but since he didn’t, they (the researchers) brought him back.”

Eve’s soul explains that her Preparer is “like a dark blue cloak, getting lighter to match the other side”. He gives her orange energy, in a kind of acupuncture along the left side, and tells her that orange is the opposite of blue so it will balance her energy. This councilor is calm, collected, wise, educated, mature, and large. She says “He is understanding of his part in this, but he is not her main guide”. Once the interview is completed, he gives her a purple cloak, upon which she becomes very emotional, having a hard time accepting what seems to be recognition of accomplishment or advancement.

As she enters, her council rises. They are sitting in a semi-circle with seven members. Her Aunt in her current life is sitting behind the main members, and Eve’s soul realizes that she is here to be her advocate. She is a beautiful rose colour. The members of the council wear cloaks, but have no faces and are varied in color.

I suggest she ask her council about the role of the stones. Eve’s soul is told that she has concurrent lives (60% as Michael which is blue and 40% as the rose life as Eve). She is told that she fulfills her purpose of collecting emotional stones as the blue light energy human and in her current life as Eve she is a soft rose. The rose side provides comfort, compassion and love, and doing this grows fractal star spirals, which emanate more loving energy. She can give it to people as well as attract people who need it and are of the similar energy. The fractal stars are the opposite idea of the blue stones.

We next explore the questions about relationship, career, and money that she had brought to her session. Eve’s soul is presented three paths on a screen behind her. She is able to scroll through the images like on an iPhone. She is a little confused until I remind her of her studies of Quantum Physics, and she remembers that each of the paths is a possibility in-waiting. When we explore her concerns about money she describes a visual of “money on a clothes line, being dumped from a basket” and realizes that she doesn’t need to worry about money it will be coming fresh from the clothes line for her and she reflects “money is necessary to help people, but you don’t need to attach to it.”

We ask why in this and other lifetimes she seems to need to spend time alone. Her council helps her to understand that being alone allows her to nurture her consciousness. She describes the effect when separate from others as, “Being able to feel your edge. You can let people in and blend, but it is also important to know your edge and be separate.”

With little time left in the session, we ask permission to bring her bigger, theoretical questions to the council. Permission is granted and we ask her first questions about how humanity is supposed to fully evolve towards enlightenment and wholeness, when there is so much pain and trauma in the population. It was answered, “It was not what they (the council) have created or intended, and explain that this is human-created, and the reason they need to do the research with the stones is to understand it”.

Becoming very emotional, Eve’s soul wants to understand if all humans carry the “stones” and contribute to this research. She seems to become quite confused when they answer “No,” sensing there is something bigger going on. She tries several times to formulate another question in a choppy and confused manner. Realizing she is having a hard time accepting what she is being told, I ask her whether she is like other souls in human form. She immediately became very emotional, crying and after some time in a surprised but confident voice said, “My group is from another dimension. We are here doing research”. She then goes on to say that if Earth souls keep doing what they are doing it could be very damaging. Eve’s soul, with more confidence now asks, “Why are Earth People doing this?” She is told that they (Earth Souls) are so disconnected, looking outwards instead of inwards. She is also told that, “They are controlled.” She asks why the controllers are allowed to exist the answer comes, “It is not for long.”

Eve’s soul recognizes that it is time to close the council meeting. Before closing, she asks about the purpose of the purple cloak that she was given. She is answered that it is “In recognition of where you have made it to”. Her Council stands. She stands, bows and leaves. As she is leaving, she is aware that the Council will stay to discuss this session and her progress.

After Eve’s council meeting, she met her whole group of soul friends, manifesting themselves as skinny, rubbery, funny- looking, yellow people and they immediately start playing around, doing group acrobatics and flipping each other into the air and catching each other.

One of the real benefits for Eve, since her session, has been the sense of having a true soul family, their encouragement for her to bring some of her groups’ playfulness into her current incarnation, and understanding why she enjoys a type of acrobatic yoga. She also left her stressful job to travel and explore the deeper meaning and purpose of her life. In the same way that in the afterlife she has attained a new level of advancement and role for her groups’ mission with the receiving of the purple robe, here in her current life she knows the fullness of her new role will evolve beyond just collecting stones and will require her to prepare and expand her knowledge.

In preparing this case study a year since Eve’s LBL, I asked her about the impact the LBL has had on her life. Here is what she provided:
About having a concurrent life (as Michael) and my research ‘job’ down here in both lives: I suspected I had brought less energy with me so this makes a lot of sense. I also understand that there is a part of me (Michael) already dealing with the tough emotional parts of life, and that I can learn to focus on joy, comfort and positivity in this one. I’ve definitely learned more in my life towards dealing with tough emotions. I think whatever is/was going on in the blue life (Michael’s) has influenced how I’ve spent a good chunk of my life so far. I’m now aware of it and learning/practicing how to tap into and be in joyful frequencies and release resistance.

Regarding things I want to learn while down here: Learning how to connect within the human means (talking, body language, sharing of menial/day to day occurrences, putting feelings into words) – I often feel outside of ‘regular’ people’s ways of connecting and being friends. I do want to be part of groups, but at the same time I also don’t want to. I can see from multiple past lives that I have a history of not purposefully connecting with the people that could bring the greatest joy to my human life, so this is likely a lesson I’ve chosen to learn being on the earth as a visitor. Part of this learning is how to not separate myself and how to not let my human ego take over.

Bigger picture. I think overall there has been a major benefit of having had a glimpse of the bigger picture. It’s something that gives my time down here more context, understanding and helps me find acceptance of being a human.

I also asked about her thoughts, feelings, reaction to discovering that she is a Visitor and the idea that there are Visitors. Here is her response:
I think that overall there was so much value and information in the LBL that it’s hard to pull apart the information and talk specifically about being a Visitor. Considering this question from my current viewpoint (a year later), I guess it feels natural; meaning I don’t know any other way of being here on this Earth, except from the visitor’s perspective. I just didn’t know I was having experiences FROM a Visitor’s perspective.

I know I remember feeling surprised. It also makes more sense to me why, in the past few years, I had started referring to humans like a separate species when I was upset with ‘them’! (for doing ‘stupid’ things, causing pain, wars, poor communication etc.). As in feeling like, ‘I am not part of this crazy species’! LOL.

Eve’s case is a good example of a Visitor ready to expand their consciousness in human form, to understand that they have come from some other place (or dimension in Eve’s case) to assist in the evolution of humanity on Earth. This remains unknown until the veil of forgetfulness, inherent in becoming human, is lifted through the LBL process. From the information in Eve’s intake interview about her childhood, her interest in science fiction and metaphysics, and a strong sense of a mission, we gain clues about her possible origin. With her language during the LBL, referring to “the humans” in a third person context, along with the sadness and confusion about how “humans” treat each other, the groundwork was perfectly laid to push Eve during her LBL and ask “if she was like other souls in human form?”

Typical of the Visitors that I have met, she is very humble, preferring not to make a big deal of who she is, but grateful to have many unresolved feelings and experiences from her life put into a context that makes sense, as well as receiving validation that she has an important mission. ♥

Marilyn Hargreaves