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Forgiveness Between Time and Space

By Gayle Barklie

Certified Life Between Lives® Hypnotherapist, USA


Forgiveness is probably one of the most challenging things for humans to do, as well as one of the most important ingredients for spiritual evolution. Having to admit that we did something that hurt someone else, having to say we’re sorry and hope the other will forgive us, is certainly not easy. In fact, we carry around lack of forgiveness for lifetimes, literally. Needless to say, it impacts all of who we are and affects others on many levels.

I constantly explain the importance of forgiveness to my clients, the empowerment and freedom that comes from truly forgiving ourselves and others. I explain the concept of “mirroring,” understanding that others simply reflect what we don’t want to recognize and forgive about ourselves, from this and previous lifetimes.

There are significant things we’ve done in the past that we specifically come back into our current incarnation to work on, process and evolve through. Hence, those are usually the most difficult things for us to accept.

Doing this work for over thirty years, I’ve seen the most profound transformations occur when clients remember and take responsibility for what they’ve done. I’ve seen relationships miraculously shift and heal, and have seen physical ailments do the same.

A great example is my client, Astrid. This forty seven-year-old, wiry computer programmer has bright red hair tied back in a conservative ponytail, fiery green eyes. She arrived in my office distraught about a breakup that wasn’t so recent. She had been working on trying to let go of her ex-boyfriend, Calder, for months. Astrid had attempted all kinds of traditional as well as non-traditional ways to resolve and release this nine-month relationship. She felt extraordinarily victimized by his sudden need to break up for no apparent reason.

When Astrid explained what happened with Calder, it was easy to see that there must be a strong spiritual bond these two shared; I anticipated some interesting discoveries as well as recovery.

Her inner journey with me started with a hypnotherapy Past Life Regression session where she quickly discovered a previous life they had experienced together. This was a life of pure innocence, childhood love and friendship.

The lifetime opened with her remembering a scene with two six-year-olds, a boy and a girl, playing together.

“I’m seeing this beautiful, thigh-high feathery grass field, wind blowing in my face. I’m running and skipping, feeling so happy. I see that I’m not alone; my friend is with me. My friend is a boy, but now I’m not sure if I’m the boy. I’m watching them from a dragonfly‘s point of view, playing, picking flowers, laying in the grass gleefully. The girl is in a cute, very feminine pale pink dress. We’re both barefoot, climbing trees. Playing in a pond. I feel like I’m her but then I feel like him. Honestly, it really doesn’t matter who I am. It’s just so easy and natural and loving. It brings me tears of joy, actually.”

Astrid started quietly crying. A sense of ease and peace came over her.

“The only thing really important is love,” she shared through her tears.

This realization reminded her of the importance of companionship and friendship; the simple joy of connection is all that matters. This allowed her to start letting go as she understood the reasons for this relationship.

A month later, we met for her scheduled Life Between Lives session where she first got in touch with a powerful, detailed past life being a Viking.

“I’m seeing myself as a burly, bearded, Viking man wearing knee-high ox skin boots with stitching on the inside. I have on a tunic and a cloak fastened with a claw broach. It was gathered over my muscular arm to hide my sword. My right arm has a gold bracelet that we called an arm ring that was used as a kind of a wallet.

“I’m seeing that Calder is a beautiful woman in that life, she’s my wife, I love her so much, I cherish her. She’s a goddess amongst all of us heathens. She amazes me that she can ride and journey with us. I can see in her eyes she loves me deeply, yet there is a fissure in her soul. I call her Geir.”

Pausing for a moment, her face scrunches in shocked pain.

“It goes dark. I’m in shock. I’ve been betrayed and I’m laying at Geir’s feet, my head beside me in the peat. I’m dead, dropping to the ground, my life is over. In that crucial moment Geir had gotten even, for all of her lineage, by chopping my head off. I had abducted her from her family, killing her clan. Even though Geir had eventually fallen in love with me, she had to make right what I had done.”

The realizations started flooding in as she silently processed that memory.

“Seeing it now, all I feel is compassion, love and forgiveness. I totally understand the reciprocity that happened in that life. I understand the karma between Calder and I. I can finally release the bonds of this life’s thwarted relationship.”

Shortly after recalling that incident, Astrid entered into the between lives realm where she described seeing a type of library. Soon after, she met her wise guide.

“I’m in a room that looks like a Greek cathedral. Someone who looks like a combination nymph and miniature dragon comes in. He’s very ethereal, ever-present but illusive at the same time. He moves around really quickly and guides me into a back room with a storage vault with rows of rolled up scrolls.

“Suddenly, one of the scrolls falls out of its storage grid. The nymph is laughing as it opens up in front of me. Now I’m in a misty, marshy open space and I’m focused on the Viking ox skin boots again. I feel a sensation of instant metamorphosis in this new dimension, realizations come overflowing into my mind.”

Astrid started speaking really fast trying to express all she was comprehending:

“All our soul history just came flooding back to me. I’m seeing the necessity of what we both did in that life as well as this life. It wasn’t just between us; it was a karmic commitment that needed to be cleaned up.”

She explained that understanding the bigger picture opened her to healing and letting go in this life.

The combination of that lifetime and the gender roles that were reversed explained the relationship dynamics and personality traits that manifested in her current lifetime. She explained that she would often find herself holding and nurturing Calder as if she were the dominant male.

“I would hold him in a very masculine way even though he was quite tall and very manly. This wasn’t like anything I’d ever done in this life, and it felt distinctly different than any of my previous relationships.”

Understanding that, combined with the past life realizations of innocence, friendship, and childlike playfulness, allowed the healing to unfold. Feeling completely acceptant, she experienced a full release that transmuted into a lighthearted new energy.

“I feel absolute gratitude toward him now. I am relaxed, playful, and feel less rigid in life. I even feel less concerned about societal constructs.”

When the session was complete, Astrid was notably calmer and able to express herself openly and authentically. The two Past Life processes could not have been more different, but it took both to transform her and shift the dynamic of their karmically connected relationship.

Several months later, Astrid let me know that realizations continued to unfold from our LBL work, along with manifesting some interesting results.

“It’s amazing, but each and every time I take personal responsibility, forgive myself and practice a Ho’Oponopono exercise, he contacts me in some way. In other words, when I say thank you, I’m sorry, please forgive me, I love you, he always feels it! Even from thousands of miles apart, Calder would acknowledge receiving transformational energy!

“It’s so clear that our two souls are forever connected and bonded. Shortly after my LBL session, he reached out to apologize to me. I had never shared anything about what I remembered about our soul connection which made it that much more credible. Recently, he contacted me just to say how much he appreciated our relationship, how much he learned and grew from it. None of that would have been possible without me looking into the past, taking responsibility, transforming and forgiving.

“Six months ago, he sent me a random text in the middle of the night. When I had gotten up to use the bathroom I saw it. I responded with a rare but poignant call. We spoke briefly, and spontaneously dropped into altered states together and journeyed out into space. Some might’ve called it time travel, some might call it soul journeying, But neither of us had ever experienced anything like it before. Our souls spontaneously connected and astral travel through the galaxy together. Forty minutes passed and we ended the call with expressions of love. The next day we compared notes in a conscious state of mind not really knowing what to chalk it up to. We both knew that our souls have been, and always will be, karmically connected! I wonder what our next lifetimes together will reveal!”

Their experience of the cyclical nature of a spiritual journey, coming together for healing that goes on between time and space, continues forward to this day. ♥

Gayle Barklie is an LBL Facilitator in Maui, Hawaii, USA

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