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The Pandemic and Forgiveness

By Patricia Fares-O’Malley (USA), Ilse Ambrose (Canada), Sanela Covic (Spain), Tan Kok Siang Malaysia), Lisbeth Lysdal (Denmark) 

Certified Life Between Lives® Hypnotherapists, MNI Research Committee

Covid-19 has affected us all in some way – physically, mentally, and spiritually. In scanning the research on the subject, we found that most studies focus on the physical aspects of the Covid-19 impact, although some others talk about the mental effects of living with a pandemic. Most of the literature examines how to cope and survive day to day. This type of research and investigation enriches us because it is driven by the need to solve the problem and/or to discover a pathway through it.

Not surprisingly, most of the spiritual research has focused on the subject of death; coping with death, fears of dying from the disease, etc. However, this narrow view puts the emphasis on physical death, as if it were the only spiritual aspect of this disease! Simply put, most research has studied the physical impacts on the mental and spiritual expressions of Covid-19.

At MNI, as a spiritual leader, we wanted to ask the deeper questions, searching for something more than human, sensory experience. With the gift of the LBL process, we do have access to higher realms of Spiritual wisdom and in asking for something more, we embarked on a 6-month survey to investigate the more mystical spiritual questions regarding the pandemic; its deeper purpose and meaning for humanity.

The goal of this survey was to gather information from the Higher Realms through the sharing of LBL experiences. Certified LBL facilitators were partnered together and each pair was given the following questions to ask during an LBL session. There were 25 participants, each asking and offering insight to the following 3 questions:

  1. What can the Spiritual Realm tell us about these times? It’s purpose and effect on our world?
  2. What can we – as the MNI Community – do to best serve humanity at this time?
  3. What is my personal role and purpose during these times?

We asked the Higher Conscious realms for a pathway to understanding and came away with profound and oftentimes transformative experiences.

The results are reported below. We present the question followed by the responses. Responses are listed in order of frequency. Those responses most frequently offered are listed first, followed by the second most frequent, etc. We have added quotations from some of the LBL journeys that we received. We believe the quotes highlight the power of the answers given.

Question 1: What does the Spiritual Realm tell us about these times? The pandemic-  its purpose and effect on our world?

The Breakdown of Old Paradigms and Structures

Covid targets a shallow world… emptiness of soul. Humanity must shift its focus from shallow gratifications. These are lessons for humanity:
We are all equal, we need each other, support each other.
It is also about the shift of the old paradigm of the material to the spiritual.Imagine a table covered with debris. The virus comes along with a sweeping arm and clears the table completely, now it has nothing on it. It is like this. Humans are being asked what do you want to put back on the table and what do you want to leave behind? Work together, it gets done more quickly

Helping Humanity – Fear Brings Awakening – Dissolving the Karmic Cycle of Life

The pandemic brings up fears of dying and of lack. So the pandemic is providing an opportunity for healing old traumas.People are getting to the point where they are either expanding because they see more or they are retracting because they are afraid. Those who cannot live with fear any longer are at the point of being forced into coming into the open. Those who feel the Light are seeking to work beyond the fear and accept that there is more beyond the human conditionThe pandemic is to bring about Fear that results in change. The fear itself created a heavier energy…people started to wake up to that and they realized all they have lost…the pandemic was brought in by the shadow but the Light always wins

Awakening to Higher Consciousness

It’s like an entangled wave of consciousness. It’s like a movement that happens. You show one person where their light switch is and they find it and want to show others where their switches. To teach the people who teach the people where their switches are. That’s the shift. And that’s how you change a particle into a wave.The discord and fear…. the sense of frenetic or high energy is in truth, a very low vibration. Calm is a high vibration. We need to spread higher vibration among the people. I see the desire for a higher frequency vibration expanding tremendously. And the ability to encourage and teach…more will know it.


Web of Life: Mother Earth and the New Earth

Humanity is awakening and there is so much of the energy coming from within the Earth herself that it is pushing up through us, because she wants to bring us with her.Live in connection to all Nature, the Spirit world and each other. Remembering that death is not the end but a new beginning.There is plenty of Light and Love and Healing. We only need to let it stream where it is needed. To all nations, all people, all leaders, nature, animals, plants…sending it everywhere it is needed.

Transcendence to Love, Compassion, Connection to Spirit

They are telling me to go within, experience this universe within of unimaginable Love and then take that into the world. There may be times we want to doubt because we come back into the 3-dimensional and its hard to feel or see it and the message is : Do it anyway. Just do it because you know what what’s being received on the other end. Be there, show up and offer it.It seems like there are many, many Lights. There are Lights all over our planet and a lot of Beings who care, it like a test of consciousness. Just be open…trust. If we focus on those we seek help from and ask for their help they will come to us. But they respect our Free Will. It is up to us to want that communion. There is bond if we want it.

Question 2: What can we as the MNI community do to best serve humanity at this time?

Michaels Speaks – (Many participants encountered the spirit of Michael Newton during their LBL experiences. Listed are only a few of those comments)

Both of my guides are conveying to me that we need to constructively work together and support each other. I am seeing a heart shape with the word “humility” written in it and it comes down from an apple tree. The message from my guides is that this comes from Michael, I sense his presence.Everything is changing. MNI is changing. Michael is here. Michael says he is guiding MNI. We can trust. He says the changes that we will see are already created. We just need to continue to follow where he is leading us. Stay connected to him with these things.

Connection – Come Together

We are people who are able to work with these energies of Light, Love and Healing in connection with All That is, with the spiritual world. We need to set our intention and open ourselves to feel, see or hear each in our own way, listen to the voice deep within and follow the stream of light. If we use this energy sending it into the world, everywhere all over the world, we make the connection and these powers are so great that we have the potential to heal everything and bring back all to harmony. There are many of us that can work together with this intention and energy.Let them connect, bring in the vibration. It feels important for people to gather as groups to lift the vibration. Collective vision of MNI is to lift the vibration. As individuals we can do more work together. There is a quality to remembering who we are as a community and we are lifting vibration as community, work with the group is important.

Transformation Through Light Consciousness

It is a movement of people who show others where their Light is and all organizations need structure but we were meant to be more. We need to help people find their Light. It is about the vibration and we need to set the vibration for who we want to be. You have to remember that all outside forms are just a disguise. MNI is something that can shift people into alignment on this planet, you have to leave part of the identity behind in terms of organization and become the Light that washes away the darkness.The outer world is being changed by waves of structural changes. Making room to know. There is disillusionment. The work helps people dig deeper into the Truth. People get their own answers from this work…Things will become easier. There are some rules to follow but it is more about expansion. As things change, so does the community. It’s already happening.


Part of the role of any member is as a Teacher. Teaching modalities such as meditation, guided imagery, encouraging people to follow creative pursuits…we are teachers of spiritually enriching information and techniques.Keep doing what they are doing. Find other ways to get the word out…Use Social media, get the books out there, let others write books on their experiences.It is to work with ourselves and to be in this energy; to meet others… just to sit in this particular “crown” energy. It’s gigantic work from the other side that works in so many different layers and ways. MNI is attracting certain souls who are ready.

Question 3: What is my personal role and purpose in this?

Question 3 was asked as a personal guidance question. It informs each LBL facilitator about individual purpose and offers direction for his or her personal life.

It is important for us, due to the personal nature of this question, to honor a deeper sense of confidentiality with these responses. Therefore we will not include our members’ personal remarks, and instead will show the graph, which provides the types of themes from the survey for this question and the number of participating members.

The guidance from Spirit provided to our members were then placed into three main categories:

Spread the Knowledge by

  • Awakening to becoming Spiritual Teachers and Leaders
  • Becoming examples to the world of Light and Resonance with healing.

Connection with Others

  • Bring Peace and Healing to the planet through connection with Spirit
  • Living a life as an example of peace, playfulness, compassion, balance, wholeness and love.

Building a New Path for MNI by a growing connection with Michael Newton

  • Remembering that we are beacons of Light
  • Doing the work to awaken to our own path.
  • Staying connected to Spirit, especially in our work as LBL facilitators.

This issue of Stories of the Afterlife features the theme of Forgiveness. In accordance with that theme, we feel the responses from the Pandemic survey underscore the dynamic need for Forgiveness in the process of awakening and transcendence.

These times have fostered a spike in fear energy around the globe. Spirit has shared with us the role that fear plays in our awakening and how to move away from fear into freedom and forgiveness. The following quote from an LBL session sums up that guidance:

Fear is trapped energy patterns used for dark purposes to further bind, victimize and imprison. Fear becomes the path…. choose your path, see events unfold…accept the unfolding. Fear disrupts the need to be connected to others and our own Soul. Learn to be quiet, be aware…. Quiet. Be in your heart.

Fear creates divisions. Fear contracts the energy field. Fear shuts down freedom. When we move to our heart, into compassion and understanding, forgiveness begins. Spirit instructs us to “Be in our heart”. Backing away from fear, dropping into our heart, helps us to evolve. The division that disrupts our need to be connected dissolves and we shift into a higher frequency, a vibration of harmony.

Thank you to all participants of this study. We recognize the amount of time, energy and effort that you gave in order to make this available to world – Blessings to you all! And to Spirit – for always, always showing us the Truth and the Way! ♥


MNI Research Committee 

Patricia Fares-O’Malley (USA), Ilse Ambrose (Canada), Sanela Covic (Spain), Tan Kok Siang Malaysia), Lisbeth Lysdal (Denmark)