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I Surrender: Deep Forgiveness through the Heart

By Rita Borenstein 

Certified Life Between Lives® Hypnotherapist, Sweden


Gunde is a Swedish 66-years-old retired massage therapist and healer who came for a Life Between Lives® regression. He wanted to remember his “contract with destiny” in this life. He had two large open heart surgeries a few years prior. The first one was done to repair a weakness in his carotid aorta. Waking up after the long and complicated surgery he felt strangely uplifted and healed. But after the second surgery a few months later, when a heart valve was repaired, he felt like “he had been crucified” when he woke up from the anesthesia. The experience had left him fearful, especially at night, with “inner demons”, thinking fearful thoughts. He was hoping to heal through his LBL experience.

Having a background with meditation and inner reflection combined with a very pleasant personality, Gunde was a very easy and humble person to work with for me as his LBL- facilitator. In the “warm up” he went to a few childhood memories. He was having a total sensory perception of being in his 8-year-old body standing on a box conducting an orchestra he saw and heard playing on television. Waving his arms and his parents and other grown-ups admiring him made him relax and soften as we continued into a deeper state. In an even earlier age, about 2-3 years old, he was lying next to his mother softly touching her ear lobes. This made him feel so good and relaxed. The sensation of his mother so close and touching her made him go even deeper. When experiencing the time in his mother's womb, he suddenly experienced himself as a soul, not in the fetus, but back in the soul home.

Therapist (T): Please help me understand what happens now!

Client (C): I am in something bigger now! Here is a tremendous stillness. It is dark, but at the same time light (laughs out loud and seems very happy). I feel some kind of light energy around my head. Yes, they are very close now and I can almost sense their faces. They are healing me.

T: Can you tell me who they are?

C: Not right now. They are healing me. I can hardly move.

T: Are you afraid?

C: No, not at all!

Michael Newton found out in his research that remembering the death moment in a past life which he called “to enter the soul home through the front door” was the most convenient way for a client to go into a Life Between Lives® soul state during deep trance. So, most often my LBL clients go to a past life after their womb experience. But lately I have experienced clients who just like Gunde choose to enter their soul state through their time as a fetus in the womb of their mother. I find it very interesting and follow the client, if it feels as authentic as with Gunde.

The session was about four hours long and included many moments with healing in silence. Several times Gunde started to wave his arms like he did as a child conducting an orchestra. He told me that he often moves his arms like that when he is alone and has an experience of deep healing in his daily life. When I watched him move his arms so beautifully I asked him about it.

T: What happens when you move your arms like that?

C: It's something with my hands! They are so warm now.

T: What could it be that you feel now in your hands?

C: I have healing hands.

T: Would it be possible to heal yourself with your hands?

C: I put them on my heart. (Wants to take off his blanket, feels very hot). I want to let go of fearful memories in my heart.

T: Yes, it seems like you are healing your heart now.

C: There is stillness and light in me and I hear: “Thy will be done, not mine”. I surrender! Oh, now I can rest. (Laughs out loud)

The session continues for another few hours with Gunde deep in trance. When the session seems to come to an end, the following dialogue unfolds:

T: Where are you now?

C: I am watching my body from above now. They have opened my thorax and are working with my body. I can clearly see what they are doing.

T: Please tell me what you see.

C: It feels like I am having a good time watching them work.

T: That’s nice.

C: I enjoy it because I am free and have no fear.

T: What is your relation to the body you are watching?

C: They are working on my body. I am watching it from above.

T: When did you move to where you are now?

C: I left when they put me to sleep. This is my first heart surgery. I left the body through my heart center and now I am looking down from the ceiling. It was too uncomfortable to stay and that’s why I left.

T: Please tell me what happens now!

C: I prefer to focus on the energy and not what the surgeons are doing. Now I see another team at work with me. There is another team there as well! I can see at least two light workers.

T: Please focus and tell me what the other team is doing.

C: They are only two, a male and a female with very much bright light around them. The male is bigger and seems to be in charge. He is very delicate, but at the same time seems powerful and stable.

T: What is he doing down there?

C: He holds my soul. He tries to control the damage to my body. He regulates and monitors the whole process done to me by the physical surgeons.

T: What is the role of the female?

C: She assists him and they communicate with each other (laughs out loud happily).

T: How?

C: It is the ultimate masculine and feminine cooperation at best. They protect the subtle parts of my soul. But not only that, they know that when a surgery is done, especially with the heart which is so important, deep healing is not only necessary for the body, but for also the soul.

T: Thank you for telling me all this. Do you enter your body again after the surgery?

C: I am out of the body from when they put me to sleep until I wake up. I have a feeling now that during the surgery I, as a soul, was working with the male and the female. We are in a team of three.

T: Do you know who they are and what relationship your soul has with them?

C: (Laughs out loud). Yes, I know them, but I don't know who they are. I just know that we are deeply fond of each other.

T: Could you tell me if you know deep inside what your soul wanted to experience through the heart surgery?

C: It deepened my emotional frequency and opened me to something more. It's a preparation of some kind and to let the soul come out completely. Getting through all the way. Standing here on earth. It has taken many incarnations.

I had a letter from Gunde a few weeks after his session:

I’d like to tell you about my LBL and how it has affected me. Maybe an opening and access to my greater self has happened, I dare say. I have small insights in my daily life, and it gives me a greater understanding of who I am. There has been a profound healing and a release from old trauma and emotional memories like shame, guilt – both individually and for the collective. I experienced a spacious, open and free feeling in my chest when I knew that I had booked my LBL with you. Thank you.

The LBL session seemed to help Gunde surrender to a higher will, which is the deepest kind of forgiveness for any human being, as far as I know. ♥

Rita Borenstein is an LBL Facilitator near Stockholm, Sweden

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