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Transcending the Need for Forgiveness

By Peter Smith

Certified Life Between Lives® Hypnotherapists, Australia


The concept of forgiveness is a powerful one and has usually been clearly articulated as a trait of a person who shows compassion for the wrongs they have endured, the suffering they have encountered and the power they have lost to people and situations in their life.

Though what if this human construct of forgiveness, is merely a chance to learn the lessons we have set up for ourselves?

Forgiveness and even self forgiveness (as the release of guilt and remorse) are both energies to be understood and transcended, as a pathway to soul evolution. Our work in the Life Between Lives state has shown us this countless times, both through Michael’s books and also through our own cases across the Institute.

There was no better example than in 2007, at one of our trainings where we witnessed a case that has been well documented over the years. The session unfolded before a room of around 35 people at our Chicago training that year, being the last one before Michael retired from teaching. He too was in the room that day as our Lead Trainer, Paul Aurand facilitated our demonstration client into her lifetime as a 9-year-old Jewish girl, on her way to the gas chambers in World War II. As her transition was described with the gentle eloquence of the expanded state, she met her guide and received the loving support all souls do as they come out of a shorter lifetime. From there, the session took an unexpected turn…

The client was glad to be back in spirit, though she remarked about another group not too far away who has been singled out for deeper healing. “These were the souls who took on the role of perpetrators”, she told us. “I didn’t have the courage for that role. They need extra healing now, having taken on that role so we could learn.”

The room was silent, as the enormity of that one sentence offered a reframe of what many see, as one of the greatest tragedies in recent human history, became known as a lesson for countless souls. We were all moved beyond words and something new, echoed into the collective consciousness of humanity that day. In human form we can never forget the history of humanity and what we can learn from it, though in this moment we were offered an elevated perspective to consider.

My call to this work as an eager young therapist almost 20 years ago came about through another remarkable example. I was referred a client who’d had a spontaneous LBL type experience during a session with a colleague. I had once given him a copy of Journey of Souls and he recognized that environment from his client’s description and sent her along to me, given my emerging interest in the LBL field. At that time I hadn’t even been trained by The Michael Newton Institute, though this rare client easily connected back to the previous experience with my colleague.

Her original intention was to address her anxiety levels as she moved into court proceedings the next week, where her soon to be ex-husband, was competing for custody of their three daughters. Her soul gave her name as ‘Algi’ and we spoke at length about her journey across lifetimes with this soul. For five lifetimes, she had been trying to take her power back and now she could. I asked about forgiveness and I’ll never forget her answer: “There is nothing to forgive, I just needed to remember…”

My life changed that day, and I was soon on a plane to the USA to learn this work. I had discovered through Algi’s ‘eyes’ the ability to view the human condition from the transcended state. To observe from the spiritual being…the human experience. It was life changing for her and me. Following this, I was called to make this the next step in my purpose for this life.

The next week, my client stood in the courtroom and looked her ex-husband in the eye for the first time in five lifetimes. She won custody of her children, the family home and his car in the energetic shift, enabled by our session.

I offer one final example of a client who came for LBL, having nursed her Mother through years of dementia until her passing. My client was burnt out and guilty that she had found her mother as an almost intolerable burden, later in life.

As my client crossed over, she was met by her guide who stood with his back to her. No amount of my own encouragement, skills and training could bring the guide to engage with my client. It was like nothing I’d ever encountered. Out of desperation, I asked spirit on behalf of my client for someone else to come to help. In the blink of an eye her Mother’s presence filled the room. She worked as the go between with the guide, having all the client’s questions asked of him and ferried the answers and wisdom back and forth, helping my client integrate the knowledge offered and sharing remarkable, life changing insights for well over an hour.

When we were complete and said our farewells, the guide half- turned and smiled over his shoulder. His behaviour had been orchestrated to bring Mother and daughter into a collaborative, healed energy to do her LBL together. Her Mother’s gift of her presence and contribution to this life changing session, transcended forgiveness.

We have a human saying of “forgive and forget”, though for me it is far more powerful to ‘remember’. To remember that our life unfolds with the learning opportunities we have set for ourselves. To remember that we are all souls, learning together in this human simulation that is simply our classroom… and finally to remember that we are all magnificent beyond our knowing.

Take some time to remember all this…


Peter Smith is an LBL Facilitator near Bellingen, NSW, Australia

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