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Releasing the Energy of the Past

By Tan Kok Siang 

Certified Life Between Lives® Hypnotherapist, Malaysia


Wen is a 26 year old woman who was referred to me with a history of depression and a record of suicide attempts. She told me that at no time in her life has she had a peaceful night’s sleep. She was an only child of parents who gambled, and as a result, she started working long, hard days at the age of 10 to cover her parents’ debt. She lived in fear that they would not have enough to live and carried this family stress with little reward or relief. When one of her parents betrayed her trust, she attempted suicide. Now she says she accepts her life, but she feels that she is unable to survive with this situation and feels that bad karma is more than she is able to bear.

I began working with Wen, and after 3 sessions, she noted that her condition was improving, and she was starting to be able to sleep more deeply and fitfully. She decided to do an LBL session so that she can better understand her path in this life and the soul learning she is meant to achieve.

I guide her through a relaxation and prepare her for entering her immediate past life.

Therapist (T): When you are ready, walk across the circle of light and you will enter into the moment in your immediate past life, before your last breath…

Her body is moving and her facial expression changed. Let me know where you are and what are you doing there.

Client (C): I… I am inside a hole and I see I am trapped inside…

T: Trapped inside a hole? why and what happened?

C: The robber stole my money, has taken away my loved one’s life, and then threw me inside a hole and buried me with the earth… my vision is getting dark, my breathing is getting difficult.

She stops responding but her facial expression shows she is struggling.

T: Wen, are you ok? What is happening to you?

C: Mmmm…. I think, I am dead… I am inside the darkness but I feel release, and I am out from the hole…

T: That is a good release, where are you going to after the death?

C: I am not too sure but I want to kill them! She shouts with anger.

T: Who are you going to kill? just calm yourself down and take in a few deep breaths… try not to attach to your anger. (I am trying to calm her down for her to maintain the deep trance state)

C: Those robbers… they are my parents in this life… they take away my life… I was above them and I saw they were celebrating after they buried me and killed all my family members... She is full of anger.

T: Try to let go the attachment and the negative emotion for you to release yourself… everything that happened carried a lesson for you to learn…

C: Why should I forgive them? They killed me and all my beloved family members in the past, and this life, they messed up my life and put me in danger and suffering… I am not going to forgive them... She holds her fist tight.

Ahhhh! Suddenly she screams in suffering

T: Wen, what is happening to you?

C: I am not too sure but my anger turns me into a fire ball and I am dropping into the dark side of the earth…

T: Dropping down? Where are you going?

C: A lot of fire is surrounding me and I am trapped inside the fire, it is burning me… please help me…

T: Relax yourself… take deep, deep breaths and free yourself from the anger… release yourself from the attachment… free yourself from the emotion…

I try to calm her down and lead her to release her emotion.

After 15 minutes, her body is relaxing.

C: Thank you, Dr. Tan. I am moving up to the sky and I left the fire, and I am turning into a green light. I feel calm and secure…

T: That is great, just relax and enjoy your journey. When you reach the destination, tell me where you are.

She is smiling along the journey and after a moment, she speaks.

C: I am here… back to my home… (her smile getting brighter)

T: Here? Back home? Could you tell me in more detail what you mean by you are back home?

C: I am inside a colorful space… and a white light is shining on me… it makes me feel secure and comfortable… all my emotion is gone and I feel full release…

T: Colorful space? Secure and comfortable? Is anyone there with you?

C: Yes. A colorful place. A lot of people over here… I should say, this is the home of all souls… (she confirmed this is the stage of LBL)

T: Wonderful. Who can lead you to the place of answers about your life…?

C: Dr. Tan, I learned the lesson and I understand my path… Ern (her soul guide) asked me to thank you for the guidance. You guided me out from the trapped energy world, and I feel empowered with the “power of forgiveness”; my soul is freed and my energy reunited. I have returned to the world of “Love”. Meeting with Ern, the light he brought over to me, cleared my doubt, and whatever I experienced is part of the lesson of my soul. I understand my path… All my experiences in the past, lead me to an awareness for me to expand my love by forgiving and balancing all the challenges… Thank you and I am ready to go back…

T: Wonderful, Wen. Absorb all the learning from this path and bring back all the clarity of what you learned…

A year later, I met her at a park. She walked over and told me that after her LBL experience, she had profound energetic change in her life. She is living comfortably and her parents started their new life without gambling. The release of connection to the energy of the past and the reconnection to the world of Love had supported her deeply forgiving herself and her family, which has allowed her to move onto a new path of awareness. ♥

Tan Kok Siang is an LBL Facilitator in Penang, Malaysia

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