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A Time of Great Awakening

By Peter Smith 

Certified Life Between Lives® Facilitator, Australia


If I could show you that you are truly immortal, what would this offer you in these times?

If I could share with you that beings of unconditional love can’t wait to see you again, that they are counting the days until your return and support everything you are doing here, what would that provide you with?

If I could explain to you that you are one of the most courageous souls in the whole universe for coming to this planet in these times, what would that bring to your life?

We live in remarkable times, on the edge of achieving spiritual awareness as a species. Our souls are calling us inwards to an incredible awakening, and there is something extraordinary in all of it. It’s about the ease with which we can awaken.

Everything I have said above is wisdom you already hold within. There is only one thing you need to do: you simply need to remember …

We hear much about spiritual awakenings, via what we offer through LBL, through spontaneous experiences, near-death experiences (NDE), out-of-body experiences (OBE), and Transcendental Meditation. All of this comes down to just one thing: we simply need to remember.

At the moment, we live in a world of fear; however, we need to remember this is an opportunity that can, if we choose, become the catalyst for our own awakening. Externally we see different experts offering a plethora of advice, mixed media messages and an abundance of competing theories. When the external world doesn’t work for us, there is only one place to go … within.

Over the years I have witnessed the moment of awakening for countless people, and I can tell you about that moment. It occurs when they remember the time at the end of a past life, as they rise from their body, shedding the human form and experiencing who they really are. It is the exquisite moment when all falls into place and they touch their immortality for the first time. They can then move into the world of spirit, and embrace their magnificence. From that moment onward, they are forever changed.

We no longer have to wait until the end of a lifetime to experience this. An LBL journey can take us home while still in our current body. It transcends the external noise and takes us into our deepest and most profound authenticity … and all of this has a ripple effect.

I believe that when someone has an experience of this magnitude, they change in a way that affects the people around them. Call it quantum entanglement, family clusters, shared energy fields, the ripple effect or anything you like. I sense that 10 more people benefit from this type of experience. So often I have heard people say as they came to see me: “My brother’s/sister’s life has changed so much and I, too, seek this experience”. Awakened people make better parents, partners, friends and colleagues from their heightened view of life. They simply exist in a higher vibration, and this ripples out to others. Ten times the number of people echo this, and begin to consider that there is more to them than they know … And that is the start of the awakening process.
If we pause for a moment to do the math:

Michael Newton’s original body of work was 7000 cases. Our people at The Newton Institute have now done another 60,000. Using the ten times principle, that is 670,000 people across the 40 countries we work in, who have been touched by LBL sessions.
We have around 8000 people in our Facebook community, and given the viral nature of social media, the ten times principle is a given. This figure would likely be far greater that the 80,000 people in the formula.

The published works of Michael and our organization have sold well over a million copies, and we know they are the sort of books handed on many times. Let’s be conservative and say handed on just 5 times. This totals 5 million people who have read the books. We are not held back by language, as Michael’s original works have been translated into: Bulgarian, Chinese, Croatian, Danish, Estonian, Finnish, French, Hungarian, English, Hindi, Telugu, Kannada, Tamil, Bahasa, Hebrew, Italian, Japanese, Korean, Latvian, Arabic, Lithuanian, Spanish, Dutch, Norwegian, Portuguese, Romanian, Russian, Czech, Slovak, Slovenian, Spanish, Swedish, German, Turkish, Polish, and Vietnamese. If we apply the ten times formula to the 5 million, we arrive at 50 million people.
Additionally, there are countless podcasts, radio interviews, conference presentations, and YouTube videos that have also shared these concepts. I remember standing in an auditorium with more than 500 people and doing an interview on Coast to Coast one time. All this contributes to the numbers of people whose lives have been touched by LBL.

These numbers are significant and are helping to catalyze a shift of consciousness on this planet.

The best advice I can offer in these times is to talk to your soul. I have a catch phrase that I offer from time to time: “Every moment of every day, your soul knows exactly what it is doing”.

There is something gently settling in this and it is important to remember that your soul chose you out of over 7 billion potential options on this planet today. So great is the unconditional love our immortal self has for our unremembering human self. Though if you remember, you rediscover you don’t have a soul … you are a soul.

One last catch phrase if I may, and this one really works well in these times:

“What your soul brings to you … your soul will see you through …”

Namaste ♦

Peter Smith